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Giro Aeon Helmet: tons of ventilation!

Cycling is all the rage these days. It is a great way to get and keep fit, and riding around the countryside is undoubtedly the best way to get the most benefit from it, since you can cover relatively large distances but you are not going so fast you miss everything. Surveys tell us that some 57 million Americans ride a bicycle, and that in 2001 over 16 million cycles were sold in the U.S.A. Cycling has probably never been so popular.

However, cycling has its darker side, and the dangers of balancing on two wheels on today's crowded roads should not be underestimated. The most dangerous injury that a cyclist is likely to suffer is a head injury, caused by the head striking a hard surface in an accident. A properly constructed and fitted cycle helmet provides good protection against head trauma, and most authorities recommend that such a helmet be worn – indeed, in some countries (and in some American states) the wearing of a cycle helmet is compulsory.

Giro Aeon The Giro Aeon is a helmet specifically designed for road and race cycling. It combines lightness with strength and superb ventilation. The helmet features a Roc Loc TT Fit system which allows you to adjust every aspect of the helmet's fit. The shell is made from in-mold polycarbonate with an EPS liner. Ventilation is achieved using internal channeling with 24 wind-tunnel vents and X-Static padding. The webbing is featherweight with a slimline buckle, and the helmet also features Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement.

So what does all this mean in practice? Well, the Aeon get rave reviews for its lightness and for the great ventilation provided by the huge vents. Users report keeping cool when riding in hot and humid weather – it feels like having a ceiling fan above your head, according to one user. The straps are also easily adjustable – in fact they can readily be adjusted while riding – and they are made from a new flexible and light weight material which feels comfortable on the face.

The Roc Loc 5 fitting system works well too. This system involves a ratcheting, micro-adjusting dial at the back of the helmet, which can be rotated easily with one hand to adjust the fit tension, and a three-position bracket which again can be adjusted wRoc loc 5ith one hand to alter the vertical position. This technology allows for a perfect fit to any head shape – just put on the helmet, rotate the dial and adjust the bracket as necessary and it's basically immobile and won't wobble around on your head. This system works much better, it is reported, than most older fitting systems, and most users report that they soon forget that they are wearing a helmet because the easily adjustable fit makes it so comfortable. To misquote a phrase – it fits your head like a glove!

Even more importantly, one unfortunate user reports that he was involved in a serious crash, but that the Aeon did its job and stayed firmly in place and absorbed the blow when his head hit the pavement. So as well as being comfortable and cool to wear, the Aeon provides appropriate head protection should you be so unlucky as to have an accident.

Of course, no product is ever perfect, and there are one or two drawbacks to the Aeon. The most obvious one is its cost – it is certainly expensive but the price is well worth it for the numerous advantages discussed above. The Aeon is Giro's top of the range road helmet, so it would be foolish to expect it to be cheap! There is also a large hole (actually a vent) in the front of the helmet which could, given some fairly improbable circumstances, leave the skull open to stabbing from a spike, the end of the handlebars or some similar object. Also it is reported that the front of the helmet can get into your field of vision while you are riding, which can be an annoyance.

So yes, the Giro Aeon is undoubtedly expensive, but as is usually the case you get what you pay for, and overall, despite the drawbacks mentioned above, the Aeon is a pretty impressive piece of engineering, which manages to combine great safety and comfort features with a stylish design – just right for the discerning cyclist of 2012! You can easily buy Aeon helmet in the nearest retail stores, or order it online.

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