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Giro Atmos: excellent ventilation and visibility!

Giro AtmosGiro Atmos has set a world standard for the biking helmets. Giro has been manufacturing superior quality helmets for more than a decade now and they have used the latest and the best technology here in this amazing product. The helmet has been around for a long time now and is sold world over due to its great looks, popularity and superb functionality. This helmet from Giro has become an all time favorite with the bikers round the world for its unprecedented safety standards and the comfort it offers.

Looks and construction

Giro Atmos looks absolutely stunning. The helmet's design is really classy and it is pretty obvious why people go head over heal for it. Combined with the awesome graphics and the color options available, this helmet rules the hearts of bikers round the world. This helmet is very light weight. Even after being so light weight, the helmet is quite sturdy. Thanks to the light weight and strong materials used in its construction.

Roll cage technology

Atmos uses the roll cage technology which is used in some of the most advanced racing cars of today. The roll cage is installed in cars to provide a safe space for the person seated inside. The additional space inside the roll cage protects the person from impact. In fact, this is the first time when the roll cage technology has been used for a helmet. The roll cage provides a strong and durable grid that protects the head.

In-mold Composite Reinforcement, EPS liner and PC shel

This is a technology which has been pioneered only by Giro and no one else till date. The in mold composite reinforcement means that the internal structure of the helmet has been made stronger by fusing it with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is known to be a very strong material and it has the capability to protect the head against really tough and harsh impacts. The fused carbon fiber provides additional strength to the roll cage. The EPS liner is the material that provides soft padding to the head. PC or polycarbonate shell is the material that binds all the EPS liner and packing material in one place. By in-mold construction process fuses the EPS liner, the PC shell, the roll cage and the carbon fiber shell in such a manner that everything seems to be just one piece. This unique method of construction protects the helmet from wear and tear and also proves beneficial in case of a crash. The form provides incredible structural integrity to the helmet.

Channel ventilation through 26 internal wind tunnel vents

Giro Ionos2Good ventilation is a quality that disguises Giro helmets from all other brands. The same is true for Atmos as well. The EPS liner has 26 internal vents constructed into it that facilitate ventilation. During high speed biking, the body tends to heat up and the heat is transferred to the brain as well. The problem with most helmets is that the head feels too hot in them and the excessive padding makes air passage even more difficult. This problem has been resolved in Atmos by the use of intelligent vent system that allows plenty of air to pass through the helmet. The vent system allows the air to enter through the front side and leave through the channels at the back. During the course, the wind is well circulated around the area of the head and cools the head evenly. This reduces the discomfort which many bikers have to face and keeps the head really cool.

Roc Loc 5 system

The intelligent roc loc 5 system is another addition. This system allows you to fasten the helmet in the most comfortable way. This system has been installed with the intention of providing the best fit to the rider. You can adjust the fit by just twisting a small dial. It can actually make the helmet so comfortable to wear that you will even forget that you have something on your head.


The helmet makes a lot of noise when the bike travels at high speeds. The air passing through the helmet makes this kind of noise and some bikers may not like this downside. The helmet came out to be a bit too pricey, but for the features, the safety and the comfort this great helmet provides, this price is well justified. In addition, you can buy Giro Atmos helmet online bit cheaper. Overall, the product is highly recommended for bike riders.