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The Giro Hex Helmet Features

When buying a helmet, the Giro range is certainly a must consideration. Giro is widely known for its range of quality, nicely designed, and light helmets that provide high performance and meet the industry's stringent safety standards. One thing that stands out about their range of helmets is their unique, stylish designs on top of the advanced technology that is used in making the helmets superior and attractive.

Giro Hex

Giro HexWhen it comes to safety in cycling, the importance of a helmet cannot be compared to that of any equipment used by a biker. The helmet is deemed so crucial given its number one role is to protect the head of the biker who is using it. While protecting the head, it is also important that the helmet comfortable to wear. The comfort of a helmet is usually dependent on its weight, fit and ventilation. This product fuses an unique muscular, progressive style combined with the versatility you require for an aggressive trail riding. This helmet makes a great choice for any price-conscious rider who is looking for a rugged trail and all-mountain helmet that offers the rider numerous premium features.

This helmet is durable and perfectly produced for all-mountain, trail, and marathon applications. It offers the rider top protection and comfort given its ability to keep his head cool. The helmet has excellent air ventilation and perfectly fits on the head. Additional features of the this helmet that makes it stand out are its stylish design and the fact that it's a bit smaller in size compared to the other Giro helmets.


Like other Giro helmets, The Giro hex bike helmet is made using an In-mold technology.
This technology creates a fusion between the helmets outer shell with an impact-absorbing EPS liner. This in-mold EPS liner is an important feature that allows Giro to create helmets that are lighter, better ventilated and more durable. The special moldability gives room for the creation of the wind tunnel ventilation system. This ventilation system scoops air in on top and around the front of the head and pushes it out the back of the helmet along with excess heat.

 21 air vents. These vents are developed using Giro Company's Wind Tunnel ventilation system. This system ensures that cool air is circulated around your head. The air circulation at the same time helps in getting rid of the warm stale generated by the head.

This ROC LOC 5 system

Today, Giro uses a Roc Loc 5 system which has an audible micro adjusting dial. This dial enables the helmet user to adjust the fit tension and the vertical position easily using a single hand. This can, in fact, be done whilst cycling. The use of this micro adjusting dial means that you are able to quickly adjust the helmet for a better fit when cycling across rough grounds or ease it off when crossing a flat terrain.

Polycarbonate shell

Giro uses the poly carbonate shell to reinforce the ability of this helmet in protecting the riders head. This shell acts as an impact absorber, thus shields the impact from reaching the head. In addition, the polycarbonate shell enhances the comfort of the helmet.

The hex is fitted with a P.O.V adjustable visor with a 15° vertical adjustment.

The P.O.V adjustable visor is a simple yet effective solution to the harsh light and varied weather situations. The visor has an internal clutch that prevents it from moving about when charging across rough ground. The visor also does not chatter in the wind.

This helmet is EN1078 safety certified

Giro observes the stringent safety standard while making the Hex bike helmets thus complying with the safety standards for bicycle helmets. These standards are set by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Giro Hex HelmetsIt's available in a 3 different sizes and 6 different colors. This gives customers a wide range when it comes to choosing their right size and preferred color tone. However, though these helmets have numerous, magnificent features that make them an irresistible choice for trail cycling, they have several flows. These flows are their high price and tight fit. Furthermore, while using this helmet you might not able to wear sunglasses comfortably.