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Giro Ionos: Light, comfortable, life saver!

Giro Company

Giro Ionos are helmets produced by Giro, a Scotts Valley, CA based company. Giro Company is widely known as a market leader in designing, developing and marketing of high performance safety gear and accessories for sports. While producing helmets for all types of sports activities, Giro has over the years earned a reputation of creating innovative helmets that are customer focused, stylish and adds comfort on top of protecting your head.

Irrespective of whether you a person is cycling on-road or off-road, a cycling helmet, remain the second most paramount equipment. It is the second most important thing after a cycling bike.

While cycling is fun and a part of our lives, the possibility of accidents occurring can never be completely ruled out. This means that taking precaution is then not only wise but necessary. One of the most important parts of the body that needs protection is the head. Protecting the head is so important that the helmet used to ensure your head is protected is considered a life saver.


Giro Ionos When it comes to helmets for cyclists, the Giro Ionos bike helmet is not only the most ventilated but also the most technologically advanced road cycling helmet ever made by Giro. They are particularly rated this highly due to their fineness and great quality. These helmets are also a favorite choice for champions e.g. Alberto Contador and the 7-times tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong. Features that make this helmet a choice for champions:

 In-mold construction

Unlike other helmets, the construction of these helmets uses an advanced in-mold technology that merges the outer shell of the helmet with an EPS liner an impact absorber. This fusion creates an exoskeleton that makes the helmet lighter, durable and better ventilated than the others.

The Roc Loc 5 system

This is the fitting system used by this model. This system permits the user to use a ratcheting that adjusts the helmet's fit tension plus its vertical fit. The Roc Loc system is lighter than the Roc Loc 4 and can be adjusted using one hand while cycling. Though the helmet is available in 3 sizes, this feature makes it to be possible for a Giro Iono to fit a 10 year old kid's head. This is possible given than you will only require adjusting of the Roc Loc till the helmet fits perfectly.

21 Wind Tunnel vents

This massive wind tunnel vent forms the largest ever carved in a cycling helmet. The vents are most important in creating a cooling system termed as wind tunnel by Giro. The use of an in-mold composite sub-frame gives the vents a carbon reinforcement which provides strength along the vent. Using this in-mold composite sub-frame, Giro ensures that riders stay cool and at the same time makes sure that their protection is not compromised. The carbon reinforcement, in addition provides required structural support, impact dispersion and resists penetration. The vents are aligned perfectly to give you an amazing air flow that keeps your head cool.

 An antimicrobial X-Static helmet padding

This feature ensures that a rider using the Ionos helmet is guaranteed maximum protection and great comfort. The x-static cushions are woven using silver fibres and are installed in the helmet during manufacture. While the pads serves as an impact absorber, manage moisture, stop the growth of micro organisms and prevent bad odour.

High rated for protection

While purchasing a Giro Ionos helmet might prove expensive, it is also worth it as far as your protection is concerned. The Ionos are designed to break so that the shell shock will keep you alive. It cracks in 8 different spots. This is one reason why this helmet is rated highly for protection.

 Light weight

One other reason why this helmet is widely preferred by champions and ordinary people alike is its light weight. Giro produces the Ionos helmet in a way that maintains its ability to protect a rider while avoiding the adverse effects caused by heavy helmets.

 Availability in many designs and colors

Giro Ionos colors The availability of these helmets in numerous designs and colors also accounts for the popular usage of these helmets. This wide range of colors and designs allow customers to choose from a wide range of previous designs and other new models. The range of colors, in addition ensures that customers are, able to choose their preferences.
 Also an undoubted advantage is the fact that you can easily order it online, in any color and size.

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